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Stafford County, Virginia

We have multiple options for fishing charters near Stafford County. 

Stafford County Fishing Charters.png

We offer a wide variety of excursions in the Stafford County area. Whether you want a traditional fishing charter, or a relaxing sightseeing cruise, we take guests out for outings all along the famous Potomac River,  Rappahannock River, Lake Anna and more.


When it comes to fishing, we offer half day and full day trips of rod n' reel fishing or bowfishing.  Catch anything from different varieties of Bass to Catfish, Gar, Northern Snakehead, Gar and more. 


For the ultimate adventure, book a nightfishing expedition and enjoy an absolutely unforgettable outing.


If your group would prefer to skip the fishing, we also offer full day and half day boating excursions where you can relax, explore and take in the scenery. You can find secluded beach areas where you can relax and unwind, or swim in pristine warm waters.  We often take groups with kids to sandy beach areas where they can find fossilized shark teeth in the sand. You can also stop by many outstanding restaurants along the water's edge and enjoy incredible seafood during the outing.


Whatever your mood, we can customize the perfect charter for your group.

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