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Potomac River

Potomac River fishing charters are always a popular choice.

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The historic Potomac River is one of the East Coast’s most important waterways and the lifeline of early American Life.  Come join us for a fun filled adventure you won't soon forget. 


            We offer opportunities for adventure in almost every way possible on the water here. We offer full day and half day trips on many different spots on this famous river. Together, we'll plan to cover incredible areas to that will best suit your group.


During our day trips, you can rod n reel catch Blue Catfish and target eaters at 15 lbs. and less, or go for the trophy size monsters.


 We also offer an exciting night of bow fishing for Northern Snakehead, Carp, Gar, Goldfish, and Catfish.  


If fishing isn't your thing, we also offer incredible boating adventures. These make a perfect activity for those who enjoy sightseeing and relaxing on the river.  Kids are welcome. We'll tailor the excursion to your group. You can cruise over to Wades Bay and relax on the beach where you are sure to find fossilized shark teeth while sifting through the sand. You can swim in the cleanest bay on the upper Potomac with gorgeous water and sandy bottoms. You can even charter a trip to go for a cruise and eat some of the freshest seafood at one of the many riverside restaurants. The options are endless and sure to impress.

Our outings on the Potomac are a customer favorite and no two trips are alike. Be sure to bring your camera and be ready for an unforgettable day.

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