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Fairview Beach, Virginia

Fairview Beach is one of the many locations we serve as Northern Virginia's premier fishing charter

Fairview Beach Fishing Charters_edited.jpg

Fairview Beach is one of the many beautiful beach areas along the historic Potomac River. We offer charters here, as well as many other nearby areas. 


We offer fishing charters during the day and nightfishing excursions in the evenings. We regularly do both half day and full day trips. We specialize in both bowfishing and catfishing. We'll find the perfect areas for your group and make this an outing you'll remember forever.


If you're more interested in sightseeing, we can customize a day cruise for your group where you can skip the fishing and simply relax, unwind and take in the surroundings. We can stop off at various beach spots where you can swim, play, relax and even find fossilized shark teeth in the sand. We can arrange to stop off at a restaurant of your choice where you can enjoy an incredible meal along the water before returning to the boat for the continuation of your day. 

Regardless of the type of outing you choose, we can offer an absolutely amazing experience along the river. Get in touch and book a spot now and we'll plan the perfect event for your group. 

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