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Rappahannock River

Fishing charters on the historic Rappahannock River offer an unparalleled boating experience.

Rappahannock River Fishing Charters.jpeg

The famous Rappahannock River is one of the main arteries feeding into the Chesapeake Bay. At 195 miles long, this river is huge. It cuts across the entire northern part of the state of Virginia. History surrounds this river and George Washington grew up along the shores of this beautiful waterway. 

            As far as fishing charters, we offer blue catfishing charters as well as bowfishing for northern snakehead, gar, carp catfish and goldfish.  We'll fish for bass among the many lily beds in the river and you'll enjoy an unforgettable day on this beautiful river.

In addition to our regular fishing charters, we also offer general boating outings for those wanting to just relax and explore the river. We'll spend the day cruising the river, stopping to swim in the best spots and just enjoying the sun and scenery. These outings are perfect for kids, families, couples and friends alike - anyone who wants to enjoy a lazy day on the river.

We offer half day and full day outings and can tailor the charter to be the perfect one for your group. Regardless of your choice of outing, you'll enjoy memories for years to come.


We're always adding more excursions to our list of offerings, so be sure to look out for other future fishing opportunities to come!


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