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Big Moves

Atomic Fishing Charters Owner, Captain Anthony has been working with Warrior Rising since our founding in February 2020. We wouldn't be where we are today without their support. Warrior Rising put Captain Anthony through their Warrior Academy in March 2020. Warrior Academy is in laymen's terms a MBA, broken down into a 40 hour course, and translated from business terms to military jargon to help veterans grasp an understanding of how to build a business. Warrior Rising assigned a mentor to Captain Anthony early on and the mentor has been with us every step of the way, coaching and guiding use through the small business landscape.

Captain Anthony was invited to a Warrior Rising fundraising event 12- 14 March 2021. There we participated in an amazing pheasant hunt at Legacy Acres Hunting Club followed by a catered dinner/auction event raising well over $150,000.00 for the charity.

Following that, 26-28 March 2021, Captain Anthony was invited to Salt Lake City where Atomic Fishing Charters and 11 other veteran owned small businesses received a business shower. This is where things really got interesting. Warrior Rising fitted Captain Anthony for a new custom tailored suit, provided invaluable mentorship, & gifted us a new laptop. While there all twelve veteran owned small businesses were given the opportunity to present a pitch to compete for a $20,000.00 grant. The competition was two fold. They broke us up into groups of four where we met a preliminary pitch board that evaluated us on our pitch. The top pitch from each group would go on to present their pitch to a larger board at that nights dinner. Atomic Fishing Charters did not get chosen to move to the second round but we were lucky enough to garner a $2000.00 grant and to be offered a partnership with Warrior Rising to provide adaptive sporting opportunities!

For more information on Warrior Rising, to become a vetrepenuer, or to donate to their cause visit or feel free to contact us.

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